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Our mission: “We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. We believe Diversity and Inclusion drive innovation and organizational sustainability“.

Our Purpose: Transforming organizations by leading with the “Inclusion Revolution Is Now” framework and creating thriving work environments where every employee is an essential component to the success of the organization.

Inclusion and Beyond, Inc. is a consulting and training enterprise on diversity and inclusion. The Inclusion Revolution Is Now framework™ (TIRIN™) is the platform that guides the company’s work and services. Inclusion and Beyond, Inc. was founded by Maura G. Robinson, Sociologist, MPA in 1994.What is the Inclusion Revolution Is Now Framework? it is the ability to go beyond group representation and help bring the leadership and employees together to achieve organizational goals. It emphasizes on the importance of meaningful employment to impact innovation, employee productivity, recruitment, retention, organizational sustainability, and profitability through a behavioral approach to change.

The Inclusion Revolution Is Now™ (TIRIN™) framework creates a transformational approach to organizations on diversity and inclusion practices.