We provide two certificate programs based on the Inclusion Revolution Is Now™ (TIRIN™) framework: They are: The Certificate on Inclusion Management Professional (CIMP™.) and the Certificate on Inclusion Management for Trainer (CIMT™.) Each certificate program provides a five-module self-study guide or one day program on DEIB based on TIRIN framework. Each module incorporates Maura G. Robinson’s behavioral systemic process of change to create organizational transformation. Each of these programs aim to increase social justice and decrease systemic racism.

A license from Inclusion and Beyond, Inc. is required for consultants/professionals wishing to train others on TIRIN™ at the organizational level.

The self-study programs must be completed within six months from the date of registration including a final exam. The preparation for the exam is provided through the self- study guide.

The certificate one-day program is offered at different locations around the country. The one-day program does not require a final examination. The participants will complete all the five modules, group exercises, and DEIB group projects to be able to receive certificate of completion. (A minimum of 10 participants are required for the one-day certificate program.)

The Advantages of having and Inclusion Management Certificates
– Provides career opportunities and competitive advantage over applicants without this type(s) of certificate(s).
– Indicates your dedication to diversity and inclusion.
– A great credential to have.
– Builds a broader knowledge on diversity and inclusion as a business model and its impact on organizational transformation.
– Demonstrates the individual’s aptitude as a practicing agent of positive change.
– It reflects the individual’s achievement and commitment to excellence in the field of inclusion management.
– Organizations will practice DEIB based on a business model through the Inclusion Revolution Is Now framework.
– Professionals will have the tools to create organizational transformation by impacting social justice and decreasing systemic racism.

To request additional information about each certificate program, admission requirements and fee schedule, please click and fill out the contact form here.