We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. We believe diversity and Inclusion drive innovation and organizational sustainability

Our Diversity and Inclusion services are guided by the Inclusion Revolution Is Now ™ (TIRIN™) framework created by Maura G. Robinson, MPA. TIRIN™ creates the platform for organizations to go beyond group representation, and brings leadership and employees together to achieve organizational goals. These goals include meaningful employment, talent development, organizational sustainability, profitability and growth. Our business model is based on Four steps to achieve inclusion at the organizational level: 1. TIRIN ™ Organizational Gap Analysis and assessment. 2. TIRIN™ D and I plan preparation, development and creation. 3. TIRIN™ implementation and organizational transformation.  4. TIRIN™ ongoing development and reevaluation.


Diversity and Inclusion consulting and professional development

The understanding of TIRIN™ as a business model is a very new concept for the business world created by Maura G. Robinson, Sociologist, MPA. Most organizations are stuck in the civic understanding of diversity, which only deals with the struggles of cultures. This approach does not work because it does not create inclusion at the organizational level. Maura’s uniqueness approach to D and I impacts innovation, employee productivity, recruitment, retention, organizational sustainability, and profitability.

The Inclusion Revolution Is Now™ framework not only brings the top management to the table to create a strong D & I strategies, but also involves everyone within the organization to reach a level of inclusion that fosters creativity and innovation. Our services begin with the understanding of the business model, as well as the assessment process, best practices, metrics, and outcomes. This framework takes away the guessing of what to do next because everything is spelled out within the framework.

We provide D & I consulting, professional development, intercultural development Inventory(IDI),organizational audits, diversity and inclusion strategic planning, metric development, affinity groups formation, inclusion council development, framework certifications, summits, workshop and seminars.

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) assesses intercultural competence—the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. The Intercultural Development Inventory is a 50-item questionnaire available online that can be completed in 15–20 minutes. A wide range of for profit/not for profit organizations and educational institutions use the IDI. The IDI produces an individual profile, and developmental plan, as well as an organizational profile and an action plan. Individual and group debriefing sessions are planned to help participants understand their intercultural orientation.

TIRIN™ Framework Workbook
We have developed the Inclusion Revolution Is Now™ Workbook that will walk you step by step in how to implement and effective D and I platform for your organization. The workbook also includes case studies, exercises, D and I plans, and how to develop and organize your Diversity and inclusion Action Council to be more effective and influential within the organization.

Distance learning courses and training
We design intentional curricula to address the diversity and inclusion unique needs of your organizations. These courses and training are interactive, full of practice tools and skills your employee can implement right away. They are also allowed your employees to access these courses and training any where in the world.

Diversity and Inclusion Coaching
We are excited to provide DEI coaching to individuals wanting to advance their knowledge in the field of inclusion management or want to have the ability to speak with an experienced-on DEI as a practitioner. Our coaching is based on a business model that can be applied to any organization that wishes to build a healthier work environment for its employees.

Discomfort Model Services
Maura G. Robinson created this model based on neuroscience. For instance, Racial Discomfort (Videre syndrome) is created by a false trick the brain plays on us to make us think we are unable to see, communicate, approach, deal or serve others that may be perceived differently from us. We work with groups to help them understand how discomfort may be a key element in micro behaviors that keep on producing disparity and inequality at the organizational level.

Motivational DEI Speaker
Maura G. Robinson, MPA is an extraordinary motivational national speaker who brings her energy, humor and great message on diversity and inclusion through her Inclusion Revolution Is Now ™ framework. Her presentations are geared to professionals with all types of backgrounds, D and I practitioners, students, and anyone that wants to know how to impact positive changes. Maura’s presentations are interactive, powerful and fill with the latest research, personal and professional experiences.

For additional information about our services, please give us a call at 812-457-8423 or by filling out the contact form here or email us at info@inclusionandbeyond.com