I am Maura G. Robinson, and the President of Inclusion and Beyond, Inc. I have an undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Evansville and a Master’s in Public Administration from Indiana State University. I am the creator of the Inclusion Revolution Is Now Framework™ (TIRIN™) which helps organization implement diversity, equity, and inclusion through a four-step system.  I am also a licensed Intercultural Development Administrator, certified facilitator by the American Institute of Management, and a published author. Some of my books include The Inclusion Revolution Is Now and Must Be The Outcome. I work with organizations large and small all over the country, helping them to promote social justice and eliminate systemic racism. I started my company in 1996.


I discovered through my research, work and experience that most individuals that have problems embracing differences may experience racial (gender, life style, etc.) discomfort. I created the Discomfort Factor Framework based on neuroscience. For instance, racial discomfort is a false trick the brain (Amygdala alerts us in times of danger, but also is involved in making us act and behave in a certain ways) plays on us to make us think we are unable to see, communicate, approach, deal or serve others that may be perceived differently from us.
Through a three zones approach: reflection and rediscover, awareness and responsiveness, I help organizations understand what the discomfort is and how to expose us (our brains) to positive changes.

2020 The Discomfort Factor is the intellectual property of Maura G. Robinson, MPA. All rights reserved

I would love to have the opportunity to implement my framework into fifteen not for profit organizations in my area and increase the number to fifty within three years. I believe that not for profits with direct DEI consulting and coaching could help increasing social justice and eliminate systemic racism. Not for profits will be the organization that can and will impact DEI systemic changes because in most cases they serve, deal and see the challenges of our communities first hand.