Wanna Learn More About Trans People Site

What does it mean to be transgender?

Transgender people are people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were thought to be at birth. “Trans” is often used as shorthand for transgender.

How does someone know that they are transgender?

People can realize that they’re transgender at any age. Some people can trace their awareness back to their earlier memories – they just knew. Others may need more time to realize that they are transgender. Some people may spend years feeling like they don’t fit in without really understanding why, or may try to avoid thinking or talking about their gender out of fear, shame, or confusion. Trying to repress or change one’s gender identity doesn’t work; in fact, it can be very painful and damaging to one’s emotional and mental health.

Wanna Learn About Trans People

“Wanna Learn More About Trans People” is an educational Facebook page and website. The website describes its educational work as “A home for all people who are ready to learn more about and understand transgender and metagender individuals in a compassionate, thorough way.” I am sharing one of its great educational diagrams below. To access more information about this educational site go to https://wannalearnmore.com.