COVID-19 Is Not A Vacation

Keeping Up With A Daily Routine While At Home Is Essential Now

As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts our daily lives and business operations on nearly every level, we must have a routine at home during this quarantine. No matter what’s going on in our day, knowing that we will be having the hours of the day mapped out for us can be a real comfort. A routine can help us manage the uncertainty of our current situation with this pandemic. Coping with the unpredictability of COVID-19 can feel more manageable when we have some structure to our time at home.

This is a daily routine that could help you maintain normalcy and mental health in your life during the quarantine.  

Get out of bed at the same time during the week and get dress, don’t wear your pajamas all day long. If you are not set up or required to work remotely use that time to improve your skills and educational goals. If you can work remotely remember to take breaks during the day and don’t skip your lunch or dinner.  

Sleep helps keep your mind and body healthier. Having a time when to go to bed and when to get up will make it easier when you go back to work.

Daily exercise can boost your mood and help you deal with “cabin fever”. Walking around the block, riding your bike or accessing workout videos on TV may help you maintain an exercise routine.

Eating a balance diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and foods low in fats and sugars can really affect your mood. Being at home without a routine will tempt you into eating more often and probably reach out to unhealthy foods.  

The shock of returning to work will be easier if you have a routine and don’t treat the quarantine as if you were on vacation.

Inclusion and Beyond offers the Certified Inclusion Management Practitioner (CIMP™) and the Certified Inclusion Management Trainer (CIMT™) self-guided courses that you can complete at your own pace during this quarantine. These certifications can provide you with important credentials and the ability to be part of a community that understands the Inclusion Revolution Is Now Framework and how to apply it at the organizational level. For more information, please email us at