How to keep your employees engaged on inclusion during the pandemic – How Progressive Organization Are Responding.

The emergence of COVID-19 as a public health emergency by the World Health Organization has led to several precautionary measures such as quarantines, social distancing or in some cases total lockdown in regions or countries around the world.

For the first time since WWII, individuals have been confronted with such restrictions and must adjust to new realities where the future is unpredictable. Keeping a job and earning a living have become uncertain, especially for those who are already in a precarious situation, leading to greater levels of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, limiting access to normal daily activities, not just going to work, but normal social interactions with others provokes mental health issues, and weakens physical health for those who already struggle to maintain good health and well-being.

Addressing Employees Social Isolation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a very difficult time for some of our employees who have never worked from home before, and for those that have worked from home before it is also hard because they may be trying to balance home and work life at the same time in the same space.

Many of my clients have reached out to me to help them continue their work on my Inclusion Revolution Is Now Framework. They also want to keep their employees engaged on my framework. For some of them I am creating courses, and training sessions. For others I am doing D and I coaching, and/or Administering the Intercultural Development Assessment. The employees have welcomed the different types of engagement and are happy to have a connection with their offices through my work.

The pandemic has helped me realized how progressive organizations work.  They will not let Covid-19 stop them from moving forward with their inclusion commitment; and want to use this time of isolation to continue to engage their employees on diversity and inclusion growth and development.

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