Is Law Enforcement In Crisis? The culture of Policing In United States

I did a two- year study on the culture of policing in United States. My research shows that Law enforcement is in crisis. I published my findings in 2016, and sent 150 copies of my book to influential figures around the country to see if I could start a dialogue to impact change, but no one responded. I found in my research a very disturbing culture that goes beyond systemic racism. I believe that perhaps the need to revamp the current policing system should be investigated

According to the research and my findings on policing in American, discrimination within law enforcement,  the longevity of service for police officers, (15 to 22 years), the reluctance of police officer to seek mental health due to stigmatization, (even though policing has one of the best Employee Assistance Programs in the country), the high suicide, high rates of spousal abuse, high rate of alcoholism , high divorce show that many of these officers  are the walking dead  ready to explode at any time, and over react to community incidents in a very destructive way even if situations don’t require extensive interventions or deadly force.

Discrimination within the police department, the militarization of police departments due to war weaponry obtained by many departments for free which modifies the way officers are trained – from combating the “enemy” to serving the citizens of a community. Habitual acceptance through unconscious biases perpetuate the segregation mentality, and PTSD have a great impact on the culture of this institution. The reality is that we have a perfect combination for disaster, and a profound dysfunctional institutional system that desperately needs outside assistance to change. 

This dysfunctional institution may need to be revamped all together and a new policing model may need to be created. If we as society do not take a good look at policing in America and demand change, we will continue to have periods of criminalization of those they promised to serve and sworn to protect on a regular basis.

If you would like to read all my research and findings please click on the link below.